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"Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog."

About Us

Welcome to the Tail-Blazers website.  My name is Mandi and this is my Vizsla, Mirin.


I started 'Tail-Blazers' as I wanted to combine two things that I love - the outdoors (running/hiking) and dogs. 


As a dog owner, I know that the demands of a busy lifestyle can often leave our canine companions without the attention and exercise we’d really like to give them.


Whether it's the work commute, appointments or a busy lifestyle - I can help take the pressure off by taking care of your dog’s vital exercise and well-being for you.  I don’t work for a big franchise or company,  it’s just me and I aim to offer a consistent, personalised and down-to-earth service.

So leave your worries at the door (not your dog). I can pick them up whether you are at home or not, and take them out on amazing adventures of walking, running and socialising - in safe, outdoor locations.  I will ensure they are well looked after with the utmost care and attention.

I also know that once we meet, and your dog joins us for a few adventures, they will absolutely love these jaunts as we explore the amazing outer North West together.


Services & Pricing

Currently picking up dogs who reside in the Waimauku and Helensville area.

A one hour Tail-Blazer dog adventure will predominantly be off leash (situation dependent) at one of the many beach, forest or selected farm locations in North West Auckland.

A maximum of five dogs will be picked up and transported in the Tail-Blazers wagon in their own custom made cage to ensure they are kept safe and transported legally.   The van is also fitted with extra air vent units so they not only travel in style but also in comfort. 

Tail-Blazers is a fully insured dog walking service.

$40 per adventure

25% off any other dog that is picked up from, and registered to the same address. 

Hours Of Operation:  Monday to Thursday  7.00am-5.30pm

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"I can’t recommend Mandi and Tail-Blazers enough

to all doggy fur parents.

My two babies love her and her adventures, looking forward to going out with her to the degree that they can’t wait until the van door opens to get in. The love and attention they get from Mandi is amazing. You know that if you are locked in an office all day far, far, away from them, that they will be having the time of their lives with a long day of absence broken up by exciting adventure.

The messages and photos from their adventures always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. You won’t regret a single minute if you have the good fortune to have Tail-Blazers entertain your babies."

Natalie Delamore



Mandi is amazing!
Our greyhound has been going on weekly adventures with Mandi for a couple of years now.  Having Mandi pick him up from our home is very convenient and saves us running him around to be
somewhere at a certain time. He eagerly waits for Mandi’s arrival and gets very excited when he hears her van coming down our road.
Our boy doesn’t get much socialisation with other dogs so it’s a bonus that he gets to hang out with a small group of other dogs (numbers are limited for each run).  Mandi considers each dog’s
personality and will only put dog’s together that mix well so each dog gets the most from each adventure. We especially appreciate this since our boy can be shy around other dogs although not so much now thanks to Mandi.  Tail Blazers whole set up is with the comfort and welfare of each dog. She has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure they are happy and safe while in her care and I know she treats every dog like her own. We thoroughly recommend Mandi to anyone wanting to give their dog the best experiences.

Nicole & Patrick



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Pet First Aid Certification

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Dog Walking Certificate

Q: Are you qualified to take my dog out?

A:  Yes...  Dogs have been a part of my family for most of my life.  I have previously walked friends dogs off lead, in groups of up to six.  Tail - Blazers is fully insured with vehicle, statutory and liability insurances.  I hold a current Pet First Aid certificate and have completed a Dog Walking Course.  I am also receptive to learning new skills in an effort to provide the best service I can to the dogs that I take out each day.   


Q: Do I get to meet you before you start to take my dog out?

A: I will come to your home for a no obligation meet and greet with yourself and your dog.  Together we will create a profile of your dog that tells me everything I need to know about your dog - likes, dislikes, allergies, health concerns if any, and how they behave towards other dogs and people.  Once this is completed and you want to proceed we will arrange a time when I can come and pick up your dog for either one or two solo walks.  All going well, your dog will be integrated into one of the groups and heading out for their first jaunt within a week or two. 


Q: How long can I sign up for?

A: All dog walking contracts are for a minimum of four weeks.  The reason for this is that currently, the initial meet and greet service and the first two solo walks are offered free of charge. 


Q: My dog will be inside when you come to pick them up, I will be at work.  Do I have to give you a house key?

A: If you prefer, Tail-Blazers can provide secure pin pad lock boxes so that if a key is required for entry it can be kept in the lock box and will not leave your property.  The lock box must be installed by the dog owner, however it remains the property of Tail-Blazers.

Q: Does my dog have to be neutered/spayed?

A: Unfortunately entire/intact canines do pose more risk.  This is something that can be discussed and possibly managed.  However it will be situation dependent and therefore decided on a case by case basis.  If I am unable to integrate your dog into one of my daily adventures, I can recommend other services who may be able to.

Q: Will you walk my dog in all weather?

A: Your dog’s well-being and safety is my priority.  I am not afraid of the cold or the rain.  I, however  understand if you don’t want your dog taken out in extreme weather.  Some of the trails may be unsafe in torrential rain,  the black sand at western beaches can be really hot on little paws in the summer... But there are always other options and I am pretty flexible.   I carry plenty of fresh icy cold water for hot days and heaps of towels for wet rainy weather, because no one wants a stinky dirty dog to come home to!!

Q: Do I need to provide leads, muzzles, toys or other equipment?

A: I have plenty of leads and a few harnesses for dogs of all sizes.  If your dog requires a muzzle we can discuss this.  Most likely your dog will just need their collar.  I don’t carry any toys, your dog will not have time to play with toys on our jaunts!!  And if they are anything like my dog, I am sure they will find something along the way if they really want to!!  I do however, carry lots of natural treats, such as dried liver or lung which will be used to train your dog to respond to my commands, to keep them safe whilst we are out and about on our adventures. 

Q: Will you use other people to walk my dog?

A: At this stage no, it will only be me and any friends who want to keep me company.  However, if I am injured or something unforeseeable occurs, and I am unable to take groups out we may have to look at other arrangements.  This however will not happen until I have discussed it with you. 

Q: Do you work statutory holidays?  Will you charge extra for this?

A: I can, but that will be discussed on a case by case basis.  And no, I won’t charge extra.

Q: I am going on holiday and my dog will be in a kennel or staying elsewhere.  Can I postpone the walks for the period I am away?

A: Of course you can.  This is something that can be discussed on a case by case basis.  Who knows, maybe I might want to go on holiday one day too!


Q: Will you operate over the Christmas and New Year period?

A: No, Tail Blazers will close each year over the Christmas break.  This will be for the usual two - three weeks.     


Q: Do you have a cancellation / postponement policy for when my dog won't be able to go out on a walk?

A: I understand that sometimes things happen at the last minute.  However, I do expect that I am advised via text message by 8pm the evening before your dog is booked for their walk. 


Q: Does my dog need to be up to date with its vaccinations?

A: The choice is yours if you choose not to vaccinate your dog with the non-core yearly vaccinations, such as leptospirosis or kennel cough.  However, you are responsible for the risks.


Q: My dog appears to be unwell and is due to be picked up tomorrow.  What do I do?

A: Dogs should be healthy at the time of each adventure.  If your dog is displaying any signs of illness, such as vomiting, coughing or diarrhea please let me know and we can postpone the walks until they are well again.  Tail - Blazers also has the right to refuse to take a dog out on adventures, if it appears unwell at the time of pick up.       


Q: How old does my dog have to be before Tail-Blazers will take it out on the trails?

A: Ideally dogs should be at least 12 months old to join Tail-Blazers.  This age / time frame will vary from breed to breed.  This is to prevent growth plate damage, and most Tail-Blazers adventures will be pretty high energy, covering significant distance on different terrains and lasting between one hour to an hour and a half.  However I am pretty flexible and have in the past taken dogs out on junior jaunts, so please don't hesitate to call me as I am sure we can work something out.        



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